Wild Justice attacks pheasant shooting – Fieldsports News, 22 January 2020


Here are the links:
Wild Justice tries to close down game-shooting – press release
Anti claims to be convicted murderer – Twitter

Anti escapes prosecution for fixing GPS tracker to hunt vehicle – Daily Telegraph
Love Island Ollie – is he a hunter or not? Daily Mirror
Scots should eat more venison to ‘save the environment’ – The Scotsman
Duchess of Rutland says McDonald’s should serve McPheasant – YouTube

GunsOnPegs reckons it can donate £20,000 to the Country Food Trust – press release
Moorland monitor groups aim to disrupt muirburn – Facebook and Facebook
Mark Avery appointed Chairman of WLT – Twitter

Zuckerberg is proud big game hunter – FR24News
5,000 feral camels culled – Daily Mail
Illegal hunter shoots camper in sleeping bag – Sporting Shooter Australia
Hundreds of birds dive to their deaths – The Times
Re-wilded sea eagle deserts South of England – Daily Mail
Eight terriers kill 700 rats – Daily Mail
Border terriers still missing – DogLost.co.uk
Duchess’s voiceover backs anti-poaching charity – MarketWatch
Scot designs vegan friendly kilt – Facebook

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