DEFRA faces general licences + trophy hunting perfect storm, Fieldsports News, 29 January 2020

Here are the links:

DEFRA general licences and trophy hunting chaos – trophy hunting consultation
Kids try for schools pistol championships
Issy Bailey’s Instagram
British Shooting Show tickets
Pheasant ready meals firm launches in Yorkshire – Daily Mail
Wildlife activist tribute act sparks hunt anger – Daily Mail and Mark Avery blog
Sabs spray huntsman’s hounds – Facebook here and here
Antis’ sick campaign to name hunters – Twitter – report a crime at
African swine fever now 12km from Germany – website
Euro wildcats could go to Scotland – article
Bowhunting banned in Tasmania – Facebook
Swedish death threats for Saamis who hunt – article #BackaGirjas
Game dish sends chefs quackers – article and Facebook
Schoolkids learn to cook game meat – Facebook
Shoot fundraises for Pulmonary Hypertension Association
Sabs’ soggy bottoms – Facebook
India to reintroduce cheetahs – Daily Telegraph
Deer in swimming pool – YouTube
Iganuageddon – Guardian

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