Fieldsports Britain – Blencathra foxhounds and blowing up Christmas baubles, episode 108

It’s a bad day to be a Christmas bauble. We’re shooting a load of guns and calibres from .223 to .470 at them, then we are fellhunting with the fabulous Blencathra Foxhounds and we are pheasant-shooting in Dorset on the beautiful Crichel Shoot. Every day is like Christmas for Sporting Rifle tester Tim Pilbeam as boxes of great guns and ammo arrive from all the top manufacturers. Meanwhile, hunting (within the law) is still going strong as Master Michael Thompson and huntsman Barry Todhunter of the Blencathra make clear. And if you want a bit of old English magic, where better to go for a pheasant and partridge shoot than Crichel? All in all you could not have a better mix of festive fun.

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Fellhunting in the Lakes

Festive targets

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