Fieldsports Britain – German boar, Scottish gundogs and Himalayan pheasants, episode 128

We are shooting wild boar, learning top gundog training tips, and watching the work of the World Pheasant Association on this week’s show. Team Wild’s Ian Harford and Simon Barr are in the forests of Germany with the guys from clothing company Outfox and they are after roe deer and boar. Charlie Thorburn of Mordor Gundogs in Perthshire is explaining how to turn Muffin, the Fieldsports Channel cocker spaniel, from a bird dog into a deer dog. Tall order. And we are filming the annual WPA clay shoot in Hampshire, where we learn about monals, tragopans and Nepal’s answer to Viagra. And we have our regulars: News Stump, Test Splat Special (how far will a .243 blow the lid off a kettle?) and Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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▶ Fancy pheasants 

▶ Teaching gundogs new tricks

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