Fieldsports Britain – The Ferrari Macnab

‘The Macnab’: grouse, stag and salmon, all in a day. Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam presents the ‘Ferrari Macnab’: a stag in Cornwall, a grouse in Yorkshire and a salmon in the North of Scotland, all thanks to the new 208mph Ferrari FF. But does he make it? Find out in this film, which is half of Fieldsports Britain this week.

Here are the links:

Ferrari FF on test



Lots of people to thank:
To read the article version of this film, buy Sporting Shooter magazine, December 2012 issue
To talk to Chris Blackburn at UK Gunworks in Northampton, visit
That great Yorkshire butcher is J Brindon Addy in Holmfirth. Visit
John Norris in Penrith has a superb online shop. Visit
The Ulbster Arms Hotel on the River Thurso is at

Thanks to Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, Blaser, distributed in the UK by Open Season, and, of course, Ferrari.
Open Season
Oh yes, and Ferrari for the fabulous FF


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