Advertise on Fieldsports Channel TV part 2 – Talk To James

Advertising on Fieldsports Channel part two — being the further adventures of James.
For part one, visit

Brave Sir James is dashing round, seeking advertisers,
From gunmakers, to engineers, to game fair organisers.
He’s galloping forth globally, and nobly persuading
The gun trade and the tackle trade that Fieldsports is worth aiding.
James puts your products on the telly where the world will see ’em.
From the shackles of the boring magazine ad he will free ’em.
Blasers, Purdeys, Crudgingtons, Berettas and Guerinis,
From cartridges to fishing rods to camouflage mankinis.
Our rates are quite remarkable. They’re going for a song.
A million views a month on YouTube — how can that be wrong?
Our clients are the best there are, from Zeiss to JCB,
Skinners, Browning, Countryside Alliance and Realtree.
So please join this round table of heraldic noted names.
Pick your phone up manfully and go on Talk To James.


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