Fieldsports Britain : Fallow deer cull + grayling on the Kennet

The fallow deer cull is coming to an end. To keep the herd healthy, it’s Roy Lupton’s job to take five animals with the minimum disturbance. That means head-shooting, and headshooting means you have to hit an something the size of an apple at 100 yards ten times out of ten. Miss and you will cause hideous wounding. Roy explains the pressures of the job and shows how to take the best head shot.

For the film we have had age-restricted (18+ only) about how to head-shoot deer, please click here

Meanwhile, Martin Salter MP and Angling Trust boss Mark Lloyd get together on the River Kennet in the Thames Valley to look for grayling and big chub. They also make the case for shooting cormorants. Well, you can’t blame them – they’re politicians, aren’t they? And we have our regulars: News Stump, Hunting YouTube, Kit Special and top gundog training tips thanks to Skinners Petfoods. Pour yourself a glass and enjoy this week’s show.

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