Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s rat hunt

Shooting rats in a barn with Roy Lupton, learning how to keep your dog steady, and a preview of the CLA Game Fair. That’s this week’s Fieldsports Britain. We’ve got rats, big as bloomin’ cats, in the crosshairs – and even cats (not in the crosshairs) cleaning up the dead rats. We’re out with Skinner’s Petfoods gundog expert Ricky Moloney of Ribblesdale Labradors showing how to keep your faithful shooting companion under control on shoot days. And we are at Fur Feather & Fin seeing how they are already getting geared up for the CLA Game Fair 2013. We also have regulars News Stump and Hunting YouTube, and we have a new series called Hallo Charlie. Go on – there’s nothing else on telly!

Here are the links

Ratting with Roy

Gundog training


‘Hallo Charlie!’ – tell us about your sport in a one-sentence film and send it to us via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Vine, Dropbox, YouSendIt to email

Here are the films from Hunting YouTube:
Jack Pyke
Nick Ridley
Ali Mufti
Roger Jackaman
Skwee Nash


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