Fieldsports Britain : How to get hunting/shooting ground

It’s a question we’re asked a lot: “How do I get some ground to shoot/hunt over?”. Mark Gilchrist has the answer. In this week’s Fieldsports Britain, he shows how to approach landowners, what to say and, more importantly, what not to say. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton is out saving twin and triplet baby lambs from horrid Mr Fox (with a rifle). and there are regulars including Skinners gundog expert Howard Kirby of Mullenscote Gundogs with his top dog-training tip of the week, News Stump, Hallo Charlie and Hunting YouTube. It’s a lot better than what’s on the old fashioned telly.

Here are the links:

Tips on free hunting

Gundog training tips

Here are the links from Hunting YouTube:
Brent Norbury
Paul Dowling



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