Fieldsports Britain – Saucy airgun pellet test + fox shooting + new guns

It’s Carry On Ratting this week. First we test which is the best airgun pellet for penetration – the .22, .20 or ,177 – on a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey (and get Roy Lupton, Andy Crow and Mark Gilchrist to read out the passages their pellet hits – fnarr). then we use the airguns for real on a rubbish dump in Norwich that’s crawling with rats. Next up, Roy is out protecting newborn lambs from foxes in the first of our OutFoxing series. We’re off to Gloucestershire see what Browning has in store for us, with its new gun launches for 2013. And we have our regulars: News Stump, Hunting YouTube, Hallo Charlie, and gundog training tips from the experts at Skinners Petfoods. It’s 30 minutes packed with meaty goodness.

Here are the links for Hunting YouTube:
Andrew Edwards
And here’s the link for that fox film:


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