Fieldsports Britain : Hunting ibex, crow control, trout and ferreting

We’re hunting ibex, shooting crows, restocking (and catching) trout, and ferreting rabbits in a packed show this week.
* Max Hunt is in Spain after Europe’s most stately game animal, the Spanish or beceite ibex. It turns into a week-long hunt and the animals are keeping him fit.
* Roy Lupton has his work cut out trying to fool crows into coming near him. But he has a few tricks up his sleeve to defeat corvid cunning.
* Bewl Water in Kent is getting new rainbow and brown trout from Bulldog Fish Farm. We find out about stocking a water with fish.
* And the world axeman champion, Dave Sands, likes nothing more than to go ferreting with his family. We join him.
* News Stump features a highwire act by a raccoon
And we’ve got Hallo Charlie and Hunting YouTube. Keep it Fieldsports Britain!


Spanish Ibex

Here are the Hunting YouTube links:
Craig Canty
Robert White


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