Fieldsports Britain – Hunting by Segway

Roy Lupton is has a new set of wheels and it is revolutionising his deerstalking. He takes an offroad Segway-style vehicle (we still don’t know who makes it) out after muntjac. Meanwhile, Charlie is at the Sportfish open day looking at the latest fishing tackle technology, and we find out whether anglers and shooters/hunters are poisoning the water supply with their lead shot. Then there are regulars: News Stump, Hunting YouTube, Hallo Charlie and Skinners’ gundog training experts are on hand to show how to get a cocker spaniel to pick a goose. What a programme! – and is there anything better on television than a neat Segway? (boom boom!)

Deerstalking by Segway

Sportfish Open Day

Gundog training

Here are the Hunting YouTube links:
Odd Leonhardsen


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