Schools Challenge TV – British kids go shooting

It’s the Schools Challenge Bredon weekend! The second leg of the Schools Challenge takes place at Bredon School in Gloucestershire, with dozens of schools and hundreds of kids taking part. Watch the highlights in this week’s episode of Schools Challenge TV.

The School’s Challenge is a group of events tailored to under 21’s, offering clay, game or a total country sports experience. Whether you’re new to shooting, looking to compete in your first competition, or a seasoned pro. with many competitions under your belt, you’ll find a great atmosphere and a challenge at The Schools Challenge

The Schools Challenge at Bredon, Gloucestershire. Added to the programme in 2008 to encourage youngsters to come and shoot, it is held at Bredon School. The Bredon Fete, Country Show and Festival of Shooting has now become the biggest of its kind in the area.

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