Fieldsports Britain – YouTube stars go shooting and fishing

ChrisTrout91, Callux, TBJZL, DDot, TWiiNSANE – some of the biggest names in UK YouTubing are trying out fishing and shooting thanks to the old lags of Fieldsports Channel: Andy Crow, Baby Crow, Mark Gilchrist, David and Charlie. Never heard of them? You are so unhip it’s a wonder you’re bottom doesn’t fall off. These are the new media rockstars of tomorrow, brought to you today with guns, rods and happy smiles on their faces.

That’s not all. Ever troubled you that the urban fox is getting out of hand? Boris Johnson is Very Concerned (he usually speaks in capital letters). That’s why we asked Roy Lupton to trying out a variety of calls and smells in a town centre to see what’s out there – sorry: What’s Out There…

And Charlie is on his way to the airport in Australia, but there is still time to go sharkfishing with Dave Fent of excellent new TV series Aussie Hunting Adventures. Are we after the great white? Are we after the mighty Greenland? Now we are not. Today we are chasing the … wait for it … Gummy Shark. Cue the music Da-dum. Da-dum. Dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-etc.

You can’t miss this week’s Fieldsports Britain. It’s all the hunting, shooting and fishing you could hope for.

Here are the Hunting YouTube links:
Colion Noir
Hushin With LaVere

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