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China: It’s where pheasants come from – but it’s where hunting sports and guns are banned. That’s not what we found:
+ We join a bunch of local lads to go roughshooting in the mountains
+ We visit a paradise island where millionaires go to relax and shoot rabbits and deer
+ We catch crucian carp in city centre lakes
+ We go to the factories where they make most of your shooting and fishing kit
+ We go berry picking with a girl called Sunshine Sun
+ And we eat everything – meat, feet, guts and backbones
Come and meet the new hunting, shooting and fishing set in China. They are a lot like us.

For more on deer and rabbit shooting at Golden Sand Bay Resort on Danshanmen Island, visit or this story in the Daily Telegraph
For more on hunting at the Oriental International Hunting Park in the northern province of Shanxi visit
We arranged our pheasant shooting outing privately.
For more about decoy production in China, visit

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Click here for our report from the China Hunting Show 2019

For high-res still pictures of the hunting ‘paradise island’, go to
For high-res still pictures of shooting pheasants in the hills, go to

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