Fieldsports Britain – Mixed sport with Roy Lupton

It’s a day out with Roy Lupton. He is meant to be decoying pigeons to his airgun, but he can’t resist catching the attention of a fox, then there’s the matter of another fox that nearly did for his goshawk, then there are some distracting rabbits, then a rat, and finally he makes the mistake of listening to advice from David. Finally, he gets round to what he is supposed to be doing.

Meanwhile, our new man in South Africa, Dewald Wisser, meets a cheetah, and Charlie is off to Wales to meet a new long-range shooting set-up and to Hampshire to look at a clay shooting school. Then there is Skinner’s expert gundog training tips, News Stump, Hunting YouTube and, of course, ‘Hallo Charlie!’. What more is there to TV?

Here are the links:

Steadiness with dummies


Here are the Hunting YouTube links:
Ultimate Fishing


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