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Roy Lupton and Darren Rogers are out after foxes with every piece of high-tech kit we can muster: night vision, day vision, thermal, handheld calls, electronic calls, state-of-the-art rifles and cartridges. So how do they get on? Is it a techie triumph or are they all the gear and no idea?

That’s not all. We give a day’s filming to the World Pheasant Association (aren;t we charitable) and they choose… a pheasant shoot. We are on Lord Shaftesbury’s estate in Dorset and we meet the young earl.

There are the results of our survey – go to – which so many of you took part in. Do you know we shoot 290 million birds and animals each year?

There’s Hunting YouTube from Australia and South America, Europe and seal hunting in Canada. There’s ‘Hallo Charlie!’ showing what you lot have been up to – deer and foxes. And David on the News Stump is pleased to report that the fox bounty in Australia has restarted, while in the UK, Roy has a lot to beat on the fox calling front.

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Here are the items:


News Stump–TyIw7tNreeT&index=3

‘Hallo Charlie!’–TyIw7tNreeT&index=4

Survey results–TyIw7tNreeT&index=5

Lord Shaftesbury’s pheasants–TyIw7tNreeT&index=6

Hunting YouTube–TyIw7tNreeT&index=7

These are the links for Hunting YouTube
DNA Bowhunter
Josh James Kiwi Bushman hTVPT-8yNZs
William Larkham Jr
Fowled Reality
Ramsey Russell

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