Fieldsports Britain – Tick Tech and Top Trucks

Hunters and shooters get the best new technology in their kit – and this week we showcase two of the best of the best: deerstalking clothing which gets rid of the bugs and ticks that carry disease, and a 4WD vehicle quiet enough for you to be deadly on rabbits and foxes.

We find a fabric designed literally to disorientate ticks when they try to attach themselves to it. Clothing made with this material is already having a major effect on the health of deerstalkers.

Meanwhile, Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam looks at another quiet revolution. He puts Mitsubishi’s new Browning-branded ‘hybrid’ offroader through its paces: the PHEV.

That’s not all. Sporting Rifle foxshooting expert Mike Powell talks through his top six ‘desert island’ calibres, there’s a popstar posing with a pig in News, Hunting YouTube has boar, duck and foxes, and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ has a big fox shooting result from Australia plus – just in time for April Fool’s Day – an American elephant hunt. That’s Fieldsports Britain – all you could want, from sublime to ridiculous.

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Lyme Disease

News Stump

‘Hallo Charlie!’

Mitsubishi PHEV

Hunting YouTube


Here are the links to Hunting YouTube
Reivax Films
Eric Curetti
Tok Poortvliet
Juan de Dios Bonilla
Saturday Night Live

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