Fieldsports Britain – Catapult Karate

It’s a kind of martial art. If you can hit a Polo mint at 20 metres in under 30 seconds, maybe you have got what it takes. Charlie Jacoby goes to the beating heart of British catapulting – the UK championships – to find out more about modern techniques and top catty tech. He meets up with Gamekeeper John, Keith Dighton and other stars of the modern catapulting scene.

That’s not all. Sporting Rifle foxshooting expert Mike Powell is discussing lamping. Crow is back with a new series of CrowHow and scores 200+ pigeons over peas. ‘Hallo Charlie!’ includes a mink, a hog and a rabbiting presentation. Hunting YouTube leads on lurchers and News Stump covers Scottish anger towards hedgehogs (that Nicola Sturgeon – not as nice as she looks). It’s all in this week’s Fieldsports Britain.

You can enter a draw to win one of two catapults.
✩ The Pocket Poacher from Gamekeeper John, priced £25
✩ The Pocket Predator from Milbro, priced at £59
Just leave either ‘Milbro’ or ‘Gamekeeper John’ as a comment below. Competition closes midnight Sunday 12th April 2015. Winners will be announced in next week’s show.
For more about the UK Catapult Association, go to

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Catapults

News Stump

▶  ‘Hallo Charlie!’

▶  Outfoxing

▶ Hunting YouTube

▶ CrowHow

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube
Gordon H
Leszek Kamińśki
William Larkham Jr
Jägar Lumio
Kai Sackmann


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