Fieldsports Britain – Northern Irish sportsmen and sportswomen go to Stormont

British foxhunters went to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster with their grievances and got beaten up. Presented by Irish Countrysports & Country Life editor Paul Pringle, we join Irish sportsmen and sportswomen at Parliament Buildings, Stormont – the seat of power in Northern Ireland – where fieldsports supporters are welcomed with open arms by politicians. It could be horses, hounds, guns or rods. Whatever it is, the Irish – Northern and Southern – know their stuff. Surely they are the greatest sporting nation. Join us as we cover the launch of this weekend’s Irish Game Fair & Country Lifestyle Festival at Shane’s Castle, Co Antrim, run by the Great Game Fairs of Ireland. See what Ireland has to offer the country sports person, complete with horses and hounds, gundogs, falcons, ponies, traps and all the sporting organisations, right at the heart of the government of Northern Ireland.

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