Fieldsports Britain – Paralympic Pigeonshooters

Meet Paul Sadler. Injured in Iraq while with the Royal Artillery, he wants to shoot for Team GB at the Paralympics. He is in a pigeon hide in Wiltshire with Jamie Chandler, the shooter born with no hands. They are the can-do fieldsports enthusiasts. And we are out with another one in Kent. Cai Ap Bryn has the job of shooting the bunnies at a petting zoo. Not the tame bunnies – the wild ones that live nearby. He is out with his .22 putting good rabbit meat on the table. We join the Pigeonwatch forum members at their annual shoot, there is the News Stump and Hunting YouTube is everywhere from New Zealand’s Roar to Canada’s Goose Break. It’s a week of world fieldsports, served up on a plate for you every Wednesday evening. Welcome to Fieldsports Britain.

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Dog Box Productions
Ron Spomer
Chasseur de France
Tom Reet
Martin Camirand
ShotKam Gun Camera
Eric C


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