Shooting the Bunnies at the Petting Zoo

A petting zoo in Kent has a problem with rabbits. Not the tame rabbits that the kids come to pet, but the wild rabbits that are tunnelling under the foundations and raiding the salad gardens. Cai Ap Bryn has the solution. A .22 rimfire. He just has to be able to tell the difference between […]

Motormouth Shooters

That Jamie Chandler – you can’t shut him up. Well, you can now. He meets shooter Paul Sadler. Having no hands doesn’t stop Jamie from shooting – or yakking. Well it seems that a trauma injury in Iraq has exactly the same effect on Royal Artilleryman Paul. Watch them go pigeonshooting in Wiltshire.

Fieldsports Britain – Paralympic Pigeonshooters

Meet Paul Sadler. Injured in Iraq while with the Royal Artillery, he wants to shoot for Team GB at the Paralympics. He is in a pigeon hide in Wiltshire with Jamie Chandler, the shooter born with no hands. They are the can-do fieldsports enthusiasts. And we are out with another one in Kent. Cai Ap […]


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