Fieldsports Britain – Hunting Muntjac and Kudu

It’s a muntjac stalk in Bedfordshire and a kudu hunt in the Eastern Cape. Both the shooters are women: Jo is after the muntie and Michaelka is keen to add a kudu head to her wall. Jo has to overcome being a novice, which she does with the help of pro stalker Paul Childerley. Meanwhile, Michaela gets to witness a sable antelope round-up, with helicopter and dart gun. There is ‘Hallo Charlie!’ from England and Australia, News Stump has the latest on Brexit/Remain for shooters and Hunting YouTube is bigging up Pakistan and India this week. It’s all in your weekly dose – take one every Wednesday evening – of Fieldsports Britain.

Meanwhile, Charlie is off finding out which is worse for hunting and shooting – the EU government or the British government. David is on the News Stump and we have Hunting YouTube. There is so much to report – just watch this week’s Fieldsports Britain.

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▶ Here are the #YouTube links to the Hunting YouTube films:
Potterek81 Hunting
Jäger TV
Serval Channel
Ron Spomer
Jonas Breda
Сафари Украина


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