Fieldsports Britain – Hunting Muntjac and Kudu

It’s a muntjac stalk in Bedfordshire and a kudu hunt in the Eastern Cape. Both the shooters are women: Jo is after the muntie and Michaelka is keen to add a kudu head to her wall. Jo has to overcome being a novice, which she does with the help of pro stalker Paul Childerley. Meanwhile, Michaela gets […]

Stalking Success – Jo gives it a go

Paul Childerley takes out new stalker Jo. They see muntjac and roebuck – but is Jo OK to shoot? For Sako, visit For ShooterKing clothing, go to This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 342. To watch the whole show go to  

Michaela Hunts Kudu

Michaela Hunts Kudu

Our Model Hunter, Michaela Fialová, is in South Africa’s Eastern Cape after kudu. But first she gets to go and see a dartgun round-up of sable antelope. It’s all in a day at a major hunting safari destination like Inkulu African Safaris. For more about Inkulu, go to To find out about Michalea, go […]


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