Fieldsports Britain – Headshooting Deer – when do you do it?

It’s a difficult question this week. Andy Crow wants the deer dead. There is a band of marauding fallow bucks on his crops. He is in a highseat to wait for them. This is not a hunting sport – this is a cull. He headshoots deer in this situation because it drops them on the spot, because they are only 100 yards away, and because his is an accurate shot.

There are big risks to headshooting deer. You might hit the animal in the jaw. And hunters from many countries are appalled by headshooting. What do you think?

Andy says: “Please do not headshoot deer unless you are an accurate shot (five in an inch at 100 yards/metres) and if you need them to drop on the spot.”

Meanwhile, the wildfowling season is around the corner. Keen duckshooter Nick Horten talks about ‘marsh sticks’ – how to stop you toppling into the mud. And deer manager Paul Childerley has a new rifle. he does an unboxing video!

There is the News Stump – don’t miss the latest  madness – there is hunting YouTube and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ is back, showing what the viewers have been up to in the last few weeks, from grouse to jackdaws to roebuck.

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