How not to fall in the marsh, swamp or mud

Nick Horten from from Langstone Wildfowlers shows how he makes sticks that keep him upright on the marsh when he is wildfowling. It is the latest in our series ‘Wildfowling: The Dirty Secrets’. To contact Langstone Wildfowlers, go to This item is sponsored by Seeland by Benelli and by Eley Hawk […]

Crow’s Fat Fallow Cull

The fallow bucks are wreaking havoc on Andy Crow’s crops. He is out to get them with a heavy barrelled Tikka T3 in .243 with Steiner Ranger optics, Stalon mod, and 70 grain Federal V Shok. For more about this kit, go to Andy says: “Please do not headshoot deer unless you are an […]

Unboxing and setting up a Sako 85

Paul Childerley has a new Sako 85. The deer manager from Bedfordshire unboxes it and sets it up to go stalking. For more about Sako, visit To go stalking with Paul, email This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 352. To watch the whole show go to

Fieldsports Britain – Headshooting Deer – when do you do it?

Fieldsports Britain – Headshooting Deer – when do you do it?

It’s a difficult question this week. Andy Crow wants the deer dead. There is a band of marauding fallow bucks on his crops. He is in a highseat to wait for them. This is not a hunting sport – this is a cull. He headshoots deer in this situation because it drops them on the […]


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