Fieldsports Britain – Hunting Hungary in the Snow

Paul Childerley is out in one of the most beautiful winter landscapes in Europe. He is after trophy mouflon in Hungary. The snow and ice may be lovely to look at, but it does not make the stalking easy. Meanwhile, Crow is complaining about the weather. He is shooting pigeons on the farm he manages in Kent – and he has a surprise for them: a new cartridge he is helping Gamebore develop. The end of the British gameshooting season is not the end of the world! Keep it #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links:

▶ Paul’s mouflon

Paul uses a Sako from
He has a Zeiss V8 scope and Shooterking clothing
Paul Childerley’s website is
For more of our films with Paul go to

▶ Crow on pigeons

Jack Pyke kit from
Decoying kit from UKShootWarehouse
Beretta A400 from
Cartridges from
For more of our films with Andy go to

▶ News is sponsored by Baleno – here are the links:
RSPB’s hen harrier woes
New binoculars from Browning and Blaser
Lamping in Ireland
Feral hogs
Fox in a chicken coop
For a full news round-up, go to

Here are the #YouTube links to the films in Hunting YouTube:
Hunting CoC
Juan de Dios Bonilla
Wild Jaeger
Deadly Passion
Janne Eriksson
Andrew Ucles


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