Fieldsports Britain – Half Cut Foxing

The trouble with foxshooting at this time of year is when farmers are cutting late. Fields are grown up and disguise the animals just when they are easiest to shoot, as this year’s young are starting to move around independently. Roy rises to the challenge and gives us a short, sharp foxing expedition. There is plenty more in this week’s show. With the duck and geese migrating in, a top gamebird vet talks about his worries of a bird flu outbreak – and a shoot explains what it is doing about the risk. Two kids enjoy the summer sport of plinking with airpistols, and give their opinion of the best on the market. And Emberleaf Knives says how to strop. There is the News Stump, there is Hunting YouTube – there is lots on offer in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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▶ Foxing

Behind the scenes with Roy:
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▶ Bird Flu

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▶ Air pistols

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▶ Stropping

What is Emberleaf?
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Army tracks poachers
Farmer Assist programme
Hunters troll PETA
Rich Leonard outfitter
Washington salmon escape
Woman shots hole in Adidas
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Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:



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