Fieldsports Britain – Roe, rod and redleg

We have a challenge. Can Roy shoot redleg partridge, a roebuck and catch a trout all in one day? If he can, he has achieved the Hampshire Macnab. We follow him as he tries to achieve it. Meanwhile, Zeiss has brought out a long-range version of its new V6 scope. It invites the gun trade to West Wales to try it out. And Roger Lait tests Pulsar on rabbits in Essex. News, Hunting YouTube and a competition to win a Gamesafe complete this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links:

▶ Roy’s Macnab

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▶ Zeiss long-range scope


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▶ Roger and the rabbits

For more about Pulsar night vision, go to
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Escaped lynx
Shooter + bobcat
Vampire killing kits
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Here are the films in Hunting YouTube: