Stag selfie craze causes injury

A ‘stag selfie’ craze is emerging among walkers in urban and suburban public parks that contain deer.

Members of the public have been pictured posing in front of fallow deer at London’s Richmond Park in order to get a good picture for Instagram.

Others have been condemned for doing the same with red stags at Wollaton Park in Nottinghamshire.

A Londoner called Yuan Li was filming a stag, shortly before it charged and gored her in Richmond Park. She was injured in the shoulder, thigh and bladder.

The incident has been widely shared on social media and not everyone has been sympathetic, one commenter, said: “Honestly, anyone with the slightest bit of common sense knows that you stay away from deer during the rutting season. They are large, strong, full of hormones and have these big sharp things on their heads.”

The fallow deer rutting starts in late September and peaks in mid-October, during this time the deer become territorial and members of the public are advised to stay at least 50 metres away from them.