Fieldsports Britain – Red Rut Fight Sequence

We put a camera on red stag’s head so it can record the rut. It does magnificently – fighting other stags, drinking, fraying – but can we retrieve the camera? Plus we go stalking on the Ardnamurchan estate in Scotland with Niall Rowantree, who talks us through the rut. He has a guest, Alkhas Khametov, and they are after a poor quality stag in order to improve the herd. It is the third chapter in our series A Year in the Life of Red Deer.

That’s not all. Back in the South of England, The Beating Line has a tricky question to answer: does blaze orange have a place on British shoots? News and Hunting YouTube complete this episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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A Year in the Life of Red Deer

Alkhas Khametov, stalking at Ardnamurchan
Stalking at Ardnamurchan

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The Beating Line

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Petition to stop grouse ban
Packham saves dangerous seagull for the nation
Hunt sabs accidentally kill fox
Gulf falconry festival OK to use live houbara bustards and
Watch thieves steal 31 guns in 60 seconds
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