What are the best bullets for whitetail deer? Paul Childerley tries out Super Hammerhead cartridges from ammunition manufacturer Sako on a whitetail hunt in Finland, plus he visits the Sako factory in Finland to see how they are made. It is the latest in his Stalking Success series.

▶ For more about Sako, visit Sako.fi
▶ For Sako’s UK distributor, go to GMK.co.uk
▶ Paul wears Shooterking clothing Shooterking.co.uk
▶ To go shooting with Paul Childerley, visit ChilderleySporting.co.uk
▶ For still pictures from Paul’s trip to the factory, go to Flickr.com/photos/fieldsportschannel/albums/72157691303261885

We surveyed out viewers in March 2020. While the Hammerhead is a popular cartridge, the Sako cartridge of choice is the Sako Gamehead. Click here for our film and review:

On Test: the Sako Gamehead Pro, including a visit to the Sako factory in Finland to see how they are made

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