Fieldsports Britain – Rifles for under £500

With rifles getting cheaper – and yet remaining as accurate as ever – what can you buy for less than £500? Tim Pilbeam gets together with Mark ‘260rips’ Ripley and gamekeeper Roy Foster to look at three of them, Remington 783, Savage Axis XP, and Winchester XPR, and to make a judgement. Meanwhile, for head of the League Against Cruel Sports Jim Barrington looks at what happens when you put a lot of deer behind a fence and don’t include predators. He tells the story of the death and destruction at the League’s Baronsdown deer ‘sanctuary’ in Devon. And we join the Oxford and Cambridge University shooting teams to try out the new Liberty Light from Browning, a shotgun designed for the ‘lighter-framed’ among us. News and Hunting YouTube complete this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Rifles for under £500

For Remington, visit
For Savage, go to
Find Winchester at
Tim uses a V8 scope. For more on his binos, go to×42
For Harkila clothing, visit
Contact Tim Pilbeam at


To read the new Countryside Alliance wildlife discussion document, ‘Wildlife Law: The Big Conversation’ go to
For more on Oostvaardersplassen, watch this film
For the original Baronsdown exposé watch this film

New Browning Liberty Light


News is sponsored by Percussion
YouTube accidentally bans airguns

Antis are fed up with hunting ban
Will African swine flu reach Germany?
Eat Game Awards
DEFRA plans to make farmers into gamekeepers
Australian shooter in trouble over baboon
For a full news round-up, go to

▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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