Fieldsports Britain – Rifles for under £500

With rifles getting cheaper – and yet remaining as accurate as ever – what can you buy for less than £500? Tim Pilbeam gets together with Mark ‘260rips’ Ripley and gamekeeper Roy Foster to look at three of them, Remington 783, Savage Axis XP, and Winchester XPR, and to make a judgement. Meanwhile, for head […]

On Test: best rifle under £500

On Test: best rifle under £500

We review three rifles that sell in the UK for under £500: the Remington Model 783 in .243, the Savage Axis XP in .243, and the Winchester XPR in .270. Tim Pilbeam brings together a professional gamekeeper, Roy Foster, who wants a classic yet workaday rifle, and long-range specialist Mark ‘260rips’ Ripley, who wants to […]

On Test: Browning B525 Liberty Light

On Test: Browning B525 Liberty Light-

Here is an exclusive first look at Browning’s new Liberty Light in action. The Oxford and Cambridge University teams try it out at Varsity clay shoot at the EJ Churchill clay ground in Buckinghamshire. Plus Richard Wilson of the Cambridge University Clay Pigeon Shooting Club explains Browning’s connection with the varsity teams. Visit This […]

Wildlife: when animal rights gets it wrong

    Animal rights organisations believe in letting animals run free. But look what happens when you do. Animal welfare consultant and former head of the League Against Cruel Sports Jim Barrington examines wheat we can learn from wildlife disasters including Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands and the Baronsdown deer ‘sanctuary’ in the UK, where well-meaning […]


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