Fieldsports Britain – Hind Culls in the Hills

It’s the fourth and final part of our popular series, A Year in the Life of Red Deer. It is winter, and Niall Rowantree from Ardnamurchan is making the decision which deer he wants to live and which he wants shot. Plus he gives his tips on feeding deer on whisky bye-products. Meanwhile, in Ireland, what happens when a shot goes wrong. Jens Ulrik Högh is stalking with Norman Mulvany of Irish Safaris, and they are up against failing daylight to track an injured sika hind. There is News and there is Hunting YouTube. It’s another packed episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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▶ A year in the Life of Red Deer
Watch the whole series

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▶ Irish sika

Irish Safaris’ sika stalking is listed on – for this hunt, visit
For the film in Swedish, Fieldsports Nordic episode 2, visit

▶ News is sponsored by Percussion
Vinnie’s new motor makes The Sun
Hunting YouTube channel ranking
Why big game hunting works for wildlife
BASC’s new chief executive on YouTube
Chris Packham’s eagle not killed by keepers, despite what he says here
And a tree in the shape of a pheasant
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▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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