Fieldsports Britain – Jason’s first Chinese

Paul Childerley takes Jason out after his first Chinese water deer. We film it from Jason and from the deer’s point of view. Plus, Paul explains the mystery of the CWD’s amazing tusks, what makes a medal animal and doe the does grow tusks? Find out here. Meanwhile, it’s filthy weather in Ireland for Cai Ap Bryn and Trigger to go stalking sika in the Wicklow Mountains. Nevertheless, some things go right for them. Back in the UK, it remains cloudy and with a strong chance of meatballs as Cai delivers the first in our series of Fast Food: a short, sharp recipe on how to make wild rabbit and mozzarella meatballs. There’s News, there is Hunting Youtube and you can win a fabulous Shooterking Digitext jacket worth £185. Keep the rain off – watch this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Chinese water deer

For the new Zeiss rangefinder, visit
Paul’s clothing is by Shooterking
Win Paul’s jacket! Enter by 2 April 23018. Visit
For Sako rifles, visit
To go shooting with Paul, visit
For still pictures from the day, go to

Irish Sika

To go stalking with Glacial Valley Hunting, visit
More from Cai at

Rabbit meatballs

Cai’s website is

News is sponsored by Percussion
Poland set to ban most hunting

Grove & Rufford hunters wrongly convicted of foxhunting
Portman Hunt master acquitted of foxhunting
RSPB warms to birdshooting
BASC chief exec keeps up pressure on MPs
Aussie duckshooters ordered off wetlands they saved
Suffolk Air Rifles open evening
Ratting Crew on Facebook
Connah&Lola-hunting/training on Facebook
DEFRA trapping consultation
Robo-wolf howls its last
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