Rabbit Meatballs

Here is a quick tutorial on how to cook wild rabbit and mozzarella meatballs, a delicious recipe to please all members of the family. Also, try swapping the rabbit meat for pheasant and partridge. ▶ More from Cai at GameAndFlames.com This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 434.  To watch the whole show […]

Hunt from the deer’s point of view

We look at the hunt from the other side of the deer. Watch Jason Doyle and Paul Childerley stalk in on a group of Chinese water deer in Bedfordshire. Plus find out about the CWD’s famous fangs – what makes a trophy? and can a doe grow tusks? ▶ For the new Zeiss rangefinder, visit […]

Fieldsports Britain – Jason’s first Chinese

Paul Childerley takes Jason out after his first Chinese water deer. We film it from Jason and from the deer’s point of view. Plus, Paul explains the mystery of the CWD’s amazing tusks, what makes a medal animal and doe the does grow tusks? Find out here. Meanwhile, it’s filthy weather in Ireland for Cai […]


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