Fieldsports Britain – Spring Pigeonshooting

Andy Crow is out on the pigeons in the new Crowhow. He is decoying them in over the animal feed crop lucerne, he looks at what makes a good decoy and checks out where they’ve been feeding with crop forensics. Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is off to Malta to look at the sport and politics of quail shooting. Chris Packham will not be pleased – but nor are the Maltese especially fond of Packham. And News Stump is full to the brim with hot stories as Tim Pilbeam tries an unusual cure for Lyme disease. Spice up your life with this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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For more about Blaser’s F16 shotgun, go to
For Gamebore’s Clear Pigeon and bespoke Andy Crow shells, it is
UKShootWarehouse is at
For Jack Pyke, visit


For Malta’s hunting organisation, the FKNK, visit
Find Cyprus’s hunting federation on Facebook
For Sillosocks pigeon decoys, go to

News is sponsored by Percussion
Commonwealth Games shooting round-up
BASC night out in Newcastle for NE Youth
Chinese love hunting
How to treat Lyme disease with turmeric
Oil is good for woodcock
For a full news round-up, go to

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