Malta Spring Hunt: how baby birds beat back Packham

Malta Spring Hunt: how baby birds beat back Packham

Shooting quail and doves in Malta is not as simple as walking out with a dog and a gun. The spring hunt is a political battleground, as antis try to close down hunting in an EU member state. Charlie Jacoby meets the people out to stop the animal rights activists, and enjoy their season’s shooting. […]

Fieldsports Britain – Spring Pigeonshooting

Andy Crow is out on the pigeons in the new Crowhow. He is decoying them in over the animal feed crop lucerne, he looks at what makes a good decoy and checks out where they’ve been feeding with crop forensics. Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is off to Malta to look at the sport and politics of […]

Crowhow: Decoying Pigeons over Lucerne

It’s an animal feed crop and pigeons love it. That’s why April sees Andy Crow out protecting lucerne fields from the birds. He explains decoying and looks at what the pigeons are eating at this time of year. ▶ For more about Blaser’s F16 shotgun, go to ▶ For Gamebore’s Clear Pigeon and bespoke […]


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