Fieldsports Britain – Rat in a Hole

Ben Husthwaite shows how to shoot one of the trickiest targets in shooting: a rat in a hole. The clay emerges from the pipe and dribbles along the ground, making it hard to hit. But, says Ben, it doesn’t have to be hard. Meanwhile, #FieldsportsBritain would not be complete without News, Hunting YouTube – and Cai Ap Bryn shows how to cook southern fried venison steak.

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Smokin’ Targets by Ben Husthwaite

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Hunt & Cook

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Guardian newspaper conned on lead ammo
The companions of St Hubert
Florida catches 1000th python
Grizzly bears hunting opens in Yellowstone National Park
Dhuka hunters of Northern Mongolia banned from hunting
New Zealand wild moose chase
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▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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