Fieldsports Britain – Calling Red Stags

Tim Pilbeam tries out a new kind of red stag stalking. He travels to Portugal with Sergio Couto to see what kind of deer hunting they do away from the beaches. The animals are a lot faster than he expected. Back in Somerset, the South Somerset Ferreters are dealing with an unusual day, to say the least. And the Royal Marines are shooting clays in Dunkeld. In this episode, you can win £500 binos, a £600 watch, plus we announce the winners of the case of Hadrian’s Wall gun and the Blaser Poplin shirt. There’s the gin offer, the News Stump, Hunting YouTube and a surprising extra item showing vultures chomping their way through gralloch. Packed with meaty goodness – it’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Rucksack & Rifle

If you want to hunt with Sergio and Tiago in Scotland or Portugal, go to
Contact Tim Pilbeam at
Tim uses a Steyr-Mannlicher. For more about their rifles, go to
Tim uses Kite Optics. Visit
For Harkila clothing, visit
To watch those vultures at work, visit
For all our films with Tim, go to


For all our films with the South Somerset Ferreters, go to

Royal Marines shoot

For more, go to
For Laporte, visit
Browning International’s website is

Win a Garmin watch
Take part in the five-minute survey for a clothing company and you could win a Garmin Fenix 5 watch priced at £600. Visit

Hadrian’s Wall gin
Do you want gin? Do us a favour and try Hadrian’s Wall Gin. For the special discount we have arranged, go to, follow the instructions, enter the code ‘FSTV01’ at the checkout and you get free shipping anywhere in the UK (over 18s, UK only).

News is sponsored by Percussion
Antis ‘shame’ hunters
New Zealand Government backs down over tahr cull
Shooters mark 100 years since WW1
YouTube goosecalling star dies in crash
Dallas Safari Club defends black rhino hunt
Markhor hunting/conservation success
Fallow sneezes
For a full news round-up, go to

▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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