Fieldsports Britain – Eagles on Hares

Enjoy fantastic flights as falconer Roy Lupton flies his golden eagles on blue hares in Scotland. He has his #eaglecam set-up on the back of the birds, so it feels like Lord of the Rings as the eagles stoop on the hares. Plus he has folk coming to supper so he’s out with his goshawk after dark to catch rabbits, too. It all makes for a fabulous lapine stroganoff. In the South of England, gamekeeper Paul Childerley has put on another superb driven pheasant day and relaxes in the evening by flighting duck with a neighbouring keeper. Find out how he does that. There’s what we’re up to at the British Shooting Show the weekend, Hunting YouTube and the News Stump in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Modern Gamekeeper

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British Shooting Show


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Packham aims ‘Wild Justice’ at shooters
School bows to animal rights death threats
Anti hunt extremists turn to dognapping
Dog mauls deer on ski slope
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