Fieldsports Britain – Packham’s post-match analysis

Roy’s out foxing in this week’s show, and Charlie’s out the back of the Bird Fair tent with Chris Packham. It’s a tough night for Roy and an even tougher crowd for Charlie. Packham gives his take on ‘the debate’ at the Bird Fair, plus what he has planned for both grouseshooting and the general licences. There’s a Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer for Olight torches – £80 off – and News and Hunting YouTube round up this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

Here are the links:


Fieldsports News
Gamekeeper kills goshawk and otters
Yorkshire shoot runs curlew safaris – BBC Radio 4
Big year for merlin eyasses on North York Moors
Gamekeepers search for Balmoral eagle
Game farm macerates pheasant chicks – The Times
Anti attack woman killed by horse
Great British Shooting Show Liverpool dates: September 2020 – Facebook
European Firearms Pass threatened by Brexit – Government announcement
Hunt Saboteurs Sweden smashes up countryside
Almeria vegetable horror
CITES mulls pro-hunting measures
US state kills wolf pack
Brazil to restart jaguar hunting
British county councillor fears death of ‘hundreds’ of pheasants

Hunting YouTube



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Olight torches in action


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