Buffalo – African Hunter episode 2

This month’s episode offers some of the finest big game hunting in South Africa: roan antelope, nyala and buffalo.

Hoyt Bows ambassador Dani Hill is bowhunting roan antelope. Rich Leonard is filming a promo for the Hoyt Carbon RX3 and it turns into one of the more exciting hunts that Rich and Dani have shared.

In the Eastern Cape, Allan Schenk has a Canadian client who wants to shoot a spiral horn slam: a buskhbuck, kudu, eland and nyala. Today, Claudio Ongaro is after a big nyala that Allan Schenk has been chasing for weeks.

This month’s episode ends on a dramatic buffalo hunt. Sniper Africa runs a shooting competition for professional hunters. Win it and they take you after a buffalo. Eugene Etsebeth is a PH in the Limpopo valley and he wins it. Sniper Africa takes him out after ‘black death’ with Clinton van Tonder in the Greater Balepye Nature Reserve, owned by the Balepye people. Learn how to track buffalo and watch as Eugene faces his greatest challenge, a buff in thick bush.

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