Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s big deer cull

This is an example of professionalism and efficiency. Roy Lupton leads a team of stalkers as they reduce numbers in a fallow deer herd. He is out in a deer park in the South-East of England and the target is 20 animals. Meanwhile, Charlie and his sone Edmund head off for autumn trout fishing in Devon. Edmund is on the Arundell Arms’ fishing beginners course. Aaron is on the News Stump and Charlie has the latest Hunting YouTube, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

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Fieldsports News
Scotland wild mammal consultation – website
UK consultation on firearms licensing – website
Perruque buck
Stolen puppies returned – Facebook
Badger cull – Facebook
Antis hit East Essex Hunt country
Rachel Carrie cookbook – website
Hunt Magazine – website
Muntjac book:

British MP backs BASC bird-box
London photographer captures ‘stag party’
Militant vegan kills 100 rabbits – YouTube
Anti violence in Sweden – YouTube
Moose wander into football stadium – website
Antis attacking Trump over rhino
US grabs 10,000 ATN app user details – YouTube
Zimbabwean academic tears into anti-hunters – Facebook
The Daily Show lams into hunting tourism – Facebook
Vegan court case over barbecue smells – website
700lb alligator is new Georgia state record

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