Charlie Jacoby

Ashcombe Shoot – review

  It’s one of the best shoots in the country. Ashcombe Estate in Devon provides superb pheasant and partridge drives up one of the county’s

Shot Show 2019

Shot Show 2019

Charlie Jacoby looks out for new and spectacular hunting and shooting kit at the 2019 ShotShow, including: ▶ Winchester Extreme Point Copper Impact ammunition ▶

How Coursing Helps Hares

Did you know that hare density is 18 times higher in coursing areas than in non-coursing areas? That’s the conclusion of research by Queen’s University,

Never Never Let Your Gun…

‘A Father’s Advice’ was written by a member of Parliament, Mark Hanbury Beaufoy, who gave it to his 15-year-old son at Christmas 1902 along with

Giant Turkish Wild Boar Hunt

Boar in Turkey are truly enormous and cause colossal damage to crops including rice. The locals don’t hunt them – boar meat is ‘haram’ (forbidden)

Shooting Cabbage Whites

Charlie’s off with his dad to sort out the scourge of the cabbages with a shotgun. Yes – he is shooting butterflies Unlike most butterflies,

Trophy Squirrel

Charlie reckons he has a squirrel in his garden that he can mount on his wall – a rare piebald squirrel! Well… see how he

Lasers for Rats

On test, we have the Laserware ND-100 Glacier, a piece of kit best used for rabbiting or foxshooting, but Charlie wants to try it out

British Shooting Show, NEC 2018

Shooting sports owned the NEC for three days in February 2018. The British Shooting Show saw tens of thousands of visitors come through the doors

Bloopers 2017

Bloopers 2017

Here are the highs, the lows and the even lowers of making a weekly show about hunting and shooting during 2017. We’re already looking forward

Hunting speedy wild boar in Corsica

Hunting speedy wild boar in Corsica

Hunting on tap in a holiday resort? Charlie Jacoby goes to the Mediterranean Island of Corsica to visit an estate that’s alive with pheasant, partridge

Pigeon shoot (just the one)

Ryan Dawson of Cymru Hunters and Nick Richards of British Shooting Services ask Charlie Jacoby up for a day’s pigeon shooting in South Wales. Unfortunately,

Hunting at Eriksberg

Hunters and wildlife watchers both love the Eriksberg estate in Southern Sweden. You can go there to drink in nature with a pair of binos,

Charlie’s Driven Hunt 360

We’ve gone 360! Immerse yourself in a driven big game hunt in Germany. Join Charlie in the stand for the highs and lows of a

Scottish Woodcock Shoot

When the rest of Europe freezes in winter, woodcock head for the west coast of the British Islaes where the gulf stream keeps the land

Frome & District Pistol Club

Frome & District Pistol Club in Somerset, UK, has a new range, thanks to support from the NRA. Charlie Jacoby watches shooters put it through

Hound Trailing

Hound Trailing

Who owns the fittest dogs? The hound trailers of Cumbria reckon it is them. Their foxhounds race a 10-miles aniseed trail in just 30 minutes,


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