Fieldsports Britain – Outstanding Helicopter Elk Hunt

In this week’s show we’re flying into the wilds of northern Sweden to hunt elk. We join ‘moose virgin’ Tim Pilbeam as he trains at the Aimpoint Academy before joining seasoned moose hunter Jens Kjaer Knudsen for a trip of a lifetime. Using three different breeds of elk hound, we experience four seasons in a day, covering huge distances on foot to find the right animal. Plus David is on the News Stump and Charlie has Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Fieldsports News

Boris Johnson cracks down on hunting tourism – The Times
Two British Shooting Shows in 2020
Antis frightening hunters – Facebook
Animal rights grabs Extinction Rebellion – website
Arsonists hit ‘farmer of the year’ – Farmers’ Weekly
Belvoir Hunt keeps its Boxing Day meet – Grantham Journal
EBay bans shotgun chokes
Poaching in the Forest of Dean – news
Swedish schools get wild boar meat – news
Sporting raffle for future Scottish rugby star – Facebook
Danish farmers blame wolves for killing horses – news
New Zealand further tightens gun laws
Alaskan kids get roadkill moose meat – Facebook
South Korean soldiers hunt wild boar
Woman climbs into lion cage at zoo – Instagram

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