Fieldsports Britain – Hunting High in the Hills

Two kinds of hunting in this week’s show: professional stalker Phiz Phizacklea is out in the Austrian Alps after chamois. Meanwhile, a newcomer to deerstalking tries his luck with pro stalker John Dodd in the Highlands of Scotland after a red stag. In Austria, here are plenty of animals – the problem for Phiz is selecting the right one. In Scotland, the difficulty is getting close to just one. Plus Aaron is on the News Stump and Charlie has Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Click here for more about the Swarovski dS scope


To go stalking with John, visit
Li is wearing ShooterKing clothing from
For more about the Browning X-bolt, visit

Fieldsports News

British Shooting Show ban – Fieldsports News
Antis won’t save black rhino – Facebook
Zac Goldsmith to drive through foreign hunting tourism ban – Parliament TV
Animal rights activists his abattoirs
Antis ‘pre-beat’ game shoots – Facebook
Grousemoors good, says science – PDF
Anti-shooting doctors refuse to approve gun licences – The Times
Countryside Alliance backs National Rural Crime week – YouTube
Hunter numbers rise in Scandinavia
Winchester XPR winner – Instagram
Krieghoff explodes at clay ground – Facebook
Trophy specs – YouTube

Here are the films in Hunting YouTube

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