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It’s everything (we reckon) you want to know about shotguns for pheasants, in this week’s show. Jason Doyle takes up Rizzini’s invitation to go shooting in Wiltshire, and finds out about the Italian gunmaker’s spectacular range of sporting guns. Meanwhile, gunsmith and Gunshop owner Dennis Stepney gives his honest appraisal on what to look for in a shotgun – size, length, weight and which bells and whistles to ask for – and price. Aaron brings election news on the News Stump, and Charlie’s Hunting YouTube leads on foxshooting, all of it in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Jason uses a Rizzini Regal in 20-bore and a custom SC31 in 12-bore. Visit
Click here for all our films with Jason

Edward King runs Rizzini’s UK importer ASI
Click here for all our films with Edward

Cartridges are Gamebore Regal Game 28g 6-shot in 20-bore, Gamebore Grouse Extreme 33g 5.5-shot in 12-bore and, for the last drive, Gamebore Black Gold 32g 5-shot in 12-bore. Visit
To shoot at Druid’s Lodge, Wiltshire, contact Gavin Lockhart at the Glorious Game Sporting Company


For more from Dennis, visit
For Gavin Gardiner’s latest auctions, visit

Fieldsports News
UK general election and MPs’ lies – Facebook
DEFRA hunting tourism consultation – press releaseconsultationcall for evidence
How antis twist the truth about hunting – Facebook
DEFRA general licences consultation
Cheshire hunt sabs act angry
Another ‘missing’ hen harrier turns up

RSPB quick to condemn gamekeepers over missing eagles – Facebook
Antis want to stop legal trailhunting on a National Trust property – press release
New shooting and game website
Fox bites woman – London Metro
Partridge carcases dumped by road. Thanks to Liz Bowring for this story
Rum deer born earlier – BBC
Pheasants partial to heather beetle – Facebook
Grey squirrel release banned from December – antis furious – press release
Norwegian farmer shoots wolf – newspaper
Finnish police shoot wolf – newspaper
Spanish police arrest poachers – newspaper
Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe to leave CITES – Facebook
The economics of African wildlife:

Born Free Foundation anti-lion petting film:

Antis’ false accusations over Zimbabwe elephant sales – newspaper
Hunting good for wildlife in Kyrgyzstan – Al Jazeera

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