What the UK election means for hunting and shooting – Fieldsports Channel News, 6 November 2019

Here are the links
UK general election and MPs’ lies – Facebook
DEFRA hunting tourism consultation – press releaseconsultationcall for evidence
How antis twist the truth about hunting – Facebook
DEFRA general licences consultation
Cheshire hunt sabs act angry
Another ‘missing’ hen harrier turns up

RSPB quick to condemn gamekeepers over missing eagles – Facebook
Antis want to stop legal trailhunting on a National Trust property – press release
New shooting and game website
Fox bites woman – London Metro
Partridge carcases dumped by road. Thanks to Liz Bowring for this story
Rum deer born earlier – BBC
Pheasants partial to heather beetle – Facebook
Grey squirrel release banned from December – antis furious – press release
Norwegian farmer shoots wolf – newspaper
Finnish police shoot wolf – newspaper
Spanish police arrest poachers – newspaper
Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe to leave CITES – Facebook
The economics of African wildlife:

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